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Creating menu graphics for our game

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In this article we’ll tell about menu creation for Bottle Hunt, which is already available on the appstore
Of course everything starts with idea, so we began work on concept.
The game has photorealistic backgrounds and bottles so we decide that it would be great to make menu in such style.

After simple concept was made, we modeled all main models in 3D editor, then textured them.

After composition process which was made according to the concept we have found that there are a lot of empty spaces, so the whole picture looks not so good as we wish.

So we decide to add: some posters on the walls, lamp, game name, some spare parts of another pistol, newspaper.

So the whole picture became more interesting and fulfilled we started to render using Mental Ray.

After a lot of attempts with various materials reflection, refraction, shining settings we had one variant we liked. But the whole scene was not so deep as we needed. So the way to fix it was ambient occlusion render. After that – we got what we wanted.

Of course we made a little color corrections in Photoshop and added glow effect on lamp after that we had final variant.

All work took about 4 working days – 1 day for models, 1 for texturing and 2 days for composition, settings and rendering… As a result we have unique graphics for Menu in our game!


Written by vkgames

March 1, 2010 at 10:09 am

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