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We have finished our update.

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We have finished our update work.  And only now after work is finished we have recognized what a great work we have done. Here is final list it:

  1. Performance increase 15%
  2. Multiplayer mode – Deathmatch (up to 4 players at the same time, compete their visual memory and reaction)
  3. Three new modes:
    –          Quick Play – Survival game mode.  Mixed visual themes with dynamic escalating difficulty
    –          Time Attack – Mode to strike 60 glyphs with your best time
    –          Count Down – 3 minutes to play, get the best Score
  4. Extra hard difficulty (Insane) for Survival mode
  5. Four new OpenFeint achievements for any type of difficulty
  6. One new great power up – Robot – you can activate Auto – Play for limited time
  7. Four new visual themes (skins)- Plastic, Acid, Doodle, Fur
  8. Voice notifications: pleasant woman computer style voice will tell you about main events
  9. Graphic interface redesigned
  10. Global High Scores for all new modes
  11. News integration
  12. OpenFeint 3.1.2 ready
  13. German localization
  14. Minor bugfix

A lot of that was described in our blog later with a pictures and video. We finish update work and continue work on our future projects with no doubt that we do quality iPhone games.


Written by vkgames

November 13, 2009 at 2:08 pm

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