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Multiplayer mode for puzzle iPhone game

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Our update work is in progress. As a rule we are going to release high quality interesting iPhone game.  So we decide not to hurry with a small updates and include a lot of new and interesting features in this one.
One of it – Multiplayer. You know that Alien Glyphs is reaction and visual memory game, so it would be very interesting to compete in real time with your friends or family.Yesterday we tested multiplayer mode. It was done with a possibility of different settings (player can create restricted quantity of levels or infinite and any type of difficulty). Alien Glyphs multiplayer USP – 4 players can challeng at the same time. And it is puzzle game! So we took iPhones: two 3GS and one 2G,  iPods: one 1G and one 2G.

We thought about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections type to give player to choose most suitable, but tests showed us next: on Wi-Fi we checked D-Link DIR-400 and some of the Apple AirPort routers and  we were unsatisfied for the next reasons, ping was not so good (taking into consideration that Alien Glyphs reaction game).
Then we started check Bluetooth and was quite surprised with its stable work and very short ping.

We checked all possible variations in mixing iPhone + iPhone, iPhone + iPod, iPhone + iPhone + iPod and so on…
And it works! Good and stable challenge: we was surprised when connected 3 iPhones and iPod and tried to play the game. Good ping and stable work (sad that iPod 1G have no bluetooth) and it is no matter who is the server.

So we tested about 3 hours and recorded video, tomorrow video will be posted.

In a summary we want to say that it was very difficult to test the multiplayer mode and look for the bugs,  because every time we started to play we tried to win the game. Multiplayer mod is very competitive! Alien Glyphs becomes family game in that case and it is quite interesting to play multiplayer mode.


Written by vkgames

October 23, 2009 at 10:59 am

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